In the beginning…

Hi there.  My name is Erin, I’m 37 years old, and I’ve just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I can’t say I’m hugely surprised by this medical revelation, but I can say I am utterly heartbroken by it. You see, I’m a “foodie”. And no, it’s not just a convenient word to latch on to because I like to eat. I seriously love food.  I love learning about it, watching people cook, cooking for myself, and trying new things. So, when I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes last week, I felt like my love affair was about to end. It felt momentarily Romeo and Juliet-esque. Yes, I’m all dramatic like that. But seriously, it did!

Surprisingly, over this past week or so, I have slowly begun to realize that my world is not coming to a screeching halt. This diagnosis has put the “fear of god” into me, and for an atheist, that is a pretty big deal.  It scared me, and it scared me a lot, so, I immediately went home and began eating differently.  I will NOT be an apathetic diabetic! I do not want dialysis, missing limbs, blindness… all of those horrific issues of poorly-managed diabetes. I’m too young, too smart, and too determined to reverse this disease as completely and permanently as I can. Am I being unrealistic? Maybe. But god dammit, I am going to try. I have to.

So here is where it all begins, and I hope to maintain this blog as I dedicate my efforts towards reversing my illness, and making huge strides towards improving my health, losing weight, and finding new, delicious things to eat along the way.  I just sort of freaked myself out with my level of optimism in this last paragraph, but I’m gonna shrug that off and keep going… wish me luck, non-existent blog readers/internet ether.


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