Spicing it up…

Today I start upping my medication, as per my doctor’s orders. My blood sugar has been hovering in the normal range without fail ever since I began testing myself over a week ago, so I’m not sure why I need to increase my meds, but whatever. I’m doing what I’ve been told because I just don’t want any more delays in treatment, and I don’t want to give anyone any reason to think I’m not taking this seriously.

When I lapse into a hypoglycemic coma, I’ll know who to blame. ;)

On an entirely different, more awesome note, my boyfriend is simply the greatest human to have ever lived. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without him. Granted, he’s in Texas and I’m in California, but hey, details.

He is an even more ardent foodie than I am, and he is responsible for exposing me to a huge amount of foodie goodness that I never would have known about otherwise. He is always making sure that I am able to procure good yummy things to eat from time to time, and is incapable of allowing me to subsist on ramen and other bottom-feeding items when I am particularly impoverished.

He sends me delicious care packages sometimes, and this week, he really sent me a doozy: a box filled with 8 different, wonderful, amazing, high quality spice blends for cooking my favorite things on earth — curries! Sweet curry, hot curry, Vindaloo, Rogan Josh, Balti, Garam masala, something called Northwood’s Seasoning (not curry related, but still apparently awesome for chicken and fish), and Chili 9000, which is a special blend for making chili (and with a name like that, how can it not be bad ass?).  He ordered them from this great spice company called Penzeys. He has been very concerned that my limited diet will drive me up a clock tower with a rifle, so he thought it would be prudent to give me the ability to really cook some flavorful dishes for myself. Is that sweet or what?!

I cooked a Rogan Josh curry last night, and for my first attempt at a curry, I have to say, it was super delicious. I did my best to add minimal salt (maybe 1/8 tsp), used olive oil instead of butter (or ghee), and non-fat Greek yogurt. So, I’m sure, in more ideal circumstances,  it could be better. But hey, it was diabetic friendly and tasted like heaven to me. Nothing but 10s across the board as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you Dan. :)


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