I am finding it difficult to stick to a routine of taking medicine at the same times every morning and evening. This is supposedly a somewhat important aspect of getting the most out of your diabetic medication. So is having a fairly static meal schedule, but I’m failing at that, as well.  So, yesterday, when I happened to read this article, I felt like I’d been given yet another hurdle to jump.

I have had Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder for as long as I can remember.  Well, literally since I was about 13 years old. This disorder prevents me from having any sort of predictable schedule of any kind — be it work, sleep, meals, etc.  I may be able to sort myself out temporarily, but it slowly unfurls itself, and I am carried right back to where I started… sleep chaos.  Hence, my aforementioned difficulties.

I’ve been trying to treat every post-waking up time as “breakfast” or “morning”, even if it is at 10pm.  I will medicate and have my morning meal as if this is a normal morning time, and do the same at dinner, even if dinner occurs at 8am. Seems straightforward enough, until I begin prolonging my sleep time for 2.. 3.. sometimes 6+ hours. Sometimes I will be awake for 24 hours straight before I am able to sleep again. Then, when I do sleep, I tend to sleep for very long periods of time, like 10 to 12 hours or so. This is where the confusion and worry really sets in, in terms of maintaining my medication schedule and meal times.

I haven’t missed any doses yet, but I just feel a bit scrambled-up and out of control lately.  And with regards to that new study, I am twice as concerned. I definitely need some sleep help!



One thought on “Sleep…

  1. OMG, my husband has this too and it has been a terror. He’s been pretty on target with sleep recently mostly due to the fact that he got something to help with his positional apnea, and also he has me giving him the stink eye if he’s up too late or sleeps too late. Maybe working on the apnea will help you slightly resolve the N24 too. He also used to use a Phillips light in the morning for an hour and melatonin at night to help trick his body into some semblance of a rhythm.

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