Popping more pills…

You know, it would have been nice if my doctor had given me the option to try and control my blood sugar with diet and exercise first, before she prescribed me a crapload of pills to take.  I am supposed to up my medications once again tomorrow, which means I’ll be taking 1000mg of Metformin in the morning (2 pills) and another 1000mg at night. Apparently, 2000mg a day is not an unusual dosage schedule, but I have to wonder, is it still overkill? I should have had a choice in this, and I just didn’t. Rawr.

I really would have liked to see if I could control my blood sugar without the meds, because I really don’t plan on being diabetic for the rest of my life. Maybe that is a silly thing to say right now, but I fully intend to reverse this disease to the point that it no longer poses any sort of threat to my well-being. I have no intention of taking Metformin for the rest of my life in order to achieve this, either. Perhaps I am putting the cart before the horse in this instance, but I am so determined to put this behind me already, that I simply cannot think about it under any other terms.

My brain is also a sieve right now, as I can’t remember if my doctor wanted me to keep a log of my blood sugar readings starting tomorrow, or the following week. I hope I don’t have to schedule an appointment just to ask her which it is. Why don’t doctors write anything down for patients anymore? I was just lectured, briskly told what to do in 3 weeks time,  handed a stack of faded xerox copies from some diabetes handbook and sent on my way.  It was a lot to absorb at the time, and my short term memory has seen better days. I guess I’ll have to start taking my own notes. I’m so bad at this stuff..

On a side note, I wanted to thank my friends for their support. I have been in contact with a few people already, and I feel good knowing that some of you can relate to what I’m going through. Well, I mean, I’m actually sorry you can relate, but I’m glad to not feel alone in this! ;) Thanks guys xoxo


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