First weight update…

I’ve been slacking off a bit since my last post. I was posting almost daily for about a week or so, and I felt I was perhaps blowing my proverbial wad on the small stuff. I am writing this blog for my own use primarily, but I also don’t want to be an insufferable bore to anyone else. So, I have decided to only post when:

a) I have a major revelation of some sort.
b) I am updating my weight loss progress or reach a milestone.
c) I encounter a setback of some significance.

As for my photos and whatnot, yes, I’m absolutely stalling. Temporarily wussing out. Buckling under the weight of my own embarrassment, etc and so forth. It will happen, I promise, but I really need to sort my head out a bit more first.

On a positive note, I have been working out every single day on my recumbent bike for the last week or so now. I started with 20 minutes a day, and I am increasing it by 5 minute increments each week, which has me trying for 25 minutes per day currently. 25 minutes may seem laughable to some of you, but for someone who has led a very sedentary lifestyle for the last 3 years (and let’s face it, most of my life), it seems like plenty.  So far, I am really enjoying it. I feel better in many ways, and I am looking forward to being able to build the kind of stamina I’ll need to reach my goal of 40 minutes a day. The only problem I can foresee right now is that I may eventually grow bored of the bike. I really need to come up with a convenient exercise alternative for when I do finally get burned out with pedaling and need to switch it up a bit.

I know I said I wasn’t going to count the weight I had lost before beginning my exercise regime, but I changed my mind. I am going to keep count from the beginning of my lifestyle change, which was approximately 6 weeks ago.

As of today, I have lost 21lbs, which is pretty badass, if I may say so. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell except that my pants now need a bit of tugging up from time to time.  Perhaps the next 21 will be more noticeable. :)

OH, and I almost forgot.. I went to see my “doctor” yesterday, and my blood pressure was 118/82!!! Which is like, perfectly perfect (120/80 is “optimum”). I am still refusing to take the blood pressure medication I was prescribed, and I am SO glad I didn’t. Cutting down my salt intake and exercising every day seems to be doing the trick on its own. I do love sticking it to The Man. Now, if only I could get off of this Metformin…..


2 thoughts on “First weight update…

  1. Uh yea that’s pretty amazing!!

    You should be so incredibly proud of yourself. Congrats on BP too, bet the doc was impressed :-)

    Are you focusing only on the bike because that is all you have access to?
    I have used the ‘walk away the pounds’ videos. Pretty cheesy, but easy enough yet gets you walking (i.e marching) around your living room. I can snail mail (people still use this, right?;-) ) you my copy. I have not used mine in a while due to an expensive YMCA membership!!


    • Thanks Julie!

      Yeah, I just have the bike for the moment, and while I am still pretty into it, I can totally see how later on down the road I may become bored. I am actually considering just going OUT for walks. Yeah, I know, shocking. ;) But the stronger I get the more appealing the idea becomes. So, hold on to that tape for just a little bit longer! And thanks so much for offering it, too! I may take you up on that later. :)


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