Because I like numbered lists..

Just a small update on a few things:

1. I only lost 1 pound this week, and that makes me a little sad.

2. I have been doing something on my bike called interval training, and I love it. It totally kicks my ass every time.

3. After educating myself about a few things, I am no longer working out twice a day, because that was ridiculous and my leg muscles were screaming like.. like.. screaming things. Once a day is plenty.

4. I discovered that I have been underestimating the portion sizes of a lot of foods. I bought a digital kitchen scale, and my world has opened up a bit.

5. I have way more things to write about than I originally thought, but I will still keep this short.

Despite having only lost 1 pound this week, I have somehow managed to lose 4 since my last update. So, my official total to date is 25lbs. I kind of don’t understand how that happened, math-wise, but I’ll take it.



2 thoughts on “Because I like numbered lists..

  1. I thought I had a long reply on your previous entry but its gone. One day I will figure out these internets ;-)
    Just wanted to say OMG GREAT JOB!! And I agree-exercising 2x a day is silly, who could keep that pace up?! It has to be something you can do for a long time, That will make you burn up!
    I still weigh and measure all my food. I need to..I didn’t gain 300lbs by accident. lol Change the words to “I like big butts” to “I like big PORTIONS” and you have me.

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks Julie! Yeah, the 2x a day thing was really dumb, but I was desperate and feeling a bit faily at the time. I read some stuff and sorted it out a bit though.
      Measuring food has been amazing for me. I really had no concept about any weights or portions until I started weighing stuff. Weirdly, I have been short-changing myself since I started dieting and didn’t know it lol

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