Making a promise..

I have now officially lost 40lbs!!! I don’t know why 40lbs seems like so much more than 35lbs, but it really feels like a big accomplishment now. There is something so Serious Business-like about forty pounds. Do you know how many sticks of butter that is?! 160!! I lost 160 sticks of butter from my body. That is both gross AND awesome.

At some point this last week, I began to finally feel and see the loss. Small changes, mind you, but definitely just more than my pants being looser. I am also experiencing the dreaded looseness of skin that I am petrified of having. I am trying to only lose 1 or 2 pounds a week in order to minimize that, but it keeps coming off in 4 or 5 pound increments no matter what I do. I suppose it will just do that for a while yet, since I still have so much to lose. Oh well. I will just have to take the sweet with the sour.

This milestone now puts me at approximately 1/3 of the way towards my goal.

I have decided that in 25 more pounds, I will post my “Before” photo along with an updated current photo. I actually already have the Before photo in a folder on my computer, appropriately named “Fat Erin”. It is heartbreaking to behold, and it will be a difficult moment when I do post it. But, I am hoping that when I compare the old with the new, it may ease my embarrassment somewhat.

I will also reveal my starting weight and current weight in that post. It is important for me to do this for so many reasons, but mostly because my self-loathing is a serious problem, and I want to do everything I can do to get out from underneath that. I think completely disclosing this stuff will be immensely therapeutic when the time comes. So, that is my promise to myself and to those that may be interested in seeing it happen.
25lbs from today
. Hold me to it!


4 thoughts on “Making a promise..

  1. Way to go dude! Do not forget the most important part of all of this that was, is and will be accomplished…and that is that the health results are paramount for you. Blood pressure, blood glucose and LDL cholesterol levels….this loss of pounds and body fat are very good for you. I am happy to read this, and best thoughts as you keep going towards a goal. Do not forget the impoertance of the BMI index as well :)

  2. Thanks Tim! The main focus IS my overall health, and you’re right — I really shouldn’t lose sight of that. I appreciate the support!

  3. Erin this is awesome! 40lbs pounds is a huge loss and a great accomplishment. If you can lose this much, you can do whatever you set your mind to and I have to say you are inspiring me :) Keep it up and I look forward to reading, seeing and hearing more about your progress… Metaphorically, you are the man!

    • Thanks Travis :) This is definitely a case of “if I can do this, anyone can”, so whenever you find yourself ready, you can count on me for support!

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