My First Plateau…

Hi. It’s been a while. A month or so, in fact. I haven’t posted mostly because there hasn’t been much to post about. Or, more to the point, I hadn’t been losing any weight. None. For WEEKS. I guess that was my first experience with a plateau.

I didn’t enjoy it. It really took a toll on my overall sense of well-being. I wish I wasn’t so emotionally tied (see: addicted) to the good feeling that comes along with watching the numbers on the scale drop, but I am. And when that stops, it’s like someone has snatched away the crack-pipe. My motivation crashed and I began to question whether all the effort I was putting in was worth seeing zero results for extended periods of time.

I was baffled and angry. I was doing everything right, and I wasn’t doing anything differently. But the numbers just wouldn’t budge.

And then, after much angst and self-doubt, I finally broke it.

I was doing a lot of reading about what it takes to break a plateau, and the thing that kept coming up over and over again was changing something, doing something different. Do something to make your body wake up and shock it out of its complacency. So I did.

I started working out first thing in the morning before breakfast, instead of late in the afternoon. I also extended the duration to about 35 minutes, since I’d been happily doing 25-30 previously. It felt good, and it really set the tone for the rest of the day for me, and I have been working out in the mornings ever since.

Also, I have incorporated some strength training into my workouts. My lovely boyfriend Dan bought me a 7lb kettlebell for my birthday, which I paired with a newbie workout dvd, and I have been absolutely loving it. I’ve only been doing it for a week or two, every other day, but I can already feel the difference in my body, and it has been the jump-start I needed to break my plateau.

I have lost 8 pounds since my last post in late June.  5 of which were lost within the last week and a half. (And I was even totally immobilized for about 3 days after being overzealous during my first round of kettlebell squats).

I have now lost a grand total of 48 pounds!

The Big Five-O is coming, and I have to say, I am pretty excited about it. The last time I lost this much weight I was 14 years old and on Jenny Craig. I am still more determined than ever to get to my goal weight. Yes, I doubted myself and I was frustrated during my plateau, but I knew a solution was out there. Now I know what to do next time progress comes to a screeching halt, and I’m sure it will again before I reach my goal. But this time, I’ll be ready!

I am now 17 pounds away from my mini-goal. Once those pounds are lost, I will be posting my “before” and current photos. I am very interested in seeing how much difference there will be between them at this point.