I like graphs…

Oh, hello. It seems I’ve now resorted to keeping things at a monthly check-in. Ah, long gone are the days of my exuberant daily blogs. Sigh. Sweet youth.

Dramatics aside, yet probably also forthcoming, I am still here chugging right along, still maintaining my diet and exercise regime, still slowly taking off the pounds. Very, very slowly.  :|

My body seems to enjoy holding on to every single ounce for weeks, and then giving me a large surprise weight drop out of the blue. This is nice and all, I mean, I appreciate the excitement factor, but it’s the stress and worrying in between that really irritates the shit out of me. If my body was it’s own separate entity, it would definitely check the “Spontaneous” box if it were filling out a personality quiz, whereas my brain would say it’s more of a planner/predictable sort. Not exactly compatible, but, we’re stuck with each other, so there it is.

My weight also likes to fluctuate to a point where I wonder how I’ll ever truly know what my actual weight is. I’ll be up 5lbs one day, down 3 the next, up 2, down 6.. it’s pretty ridiculous. But, I guess what’s important is that the overall trend is DOWN, and I should just be happy with that. Oh, here, I have a great visual aid for this issue, actually:


That’s my weight graph from the time I began using Calorie Count. It starts off like a nice kiddyland rollercoaster, but as you can see down in the lower right, it has become more like a worrisome EKG reading. Of course, I have been logging my weight more often, almost daily, so it is showing more of the ups and downs that occur during the week. But it still makes me laugh. It looks like my stock is totally crashing. By the way, the green dotted line is my “Trending” weight loss, which means it is my weight loss after it has factored in and averaged-out my daily fluctuations. Downward is good. I’m not sure what happens now that I’ve crossed the streams down there for the first time, but it can’t be good. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

So I suppose I’ll get to the good stuff. I’ve lost 5 pounds since my last post, which brings me to a total of 53 pounds lost. Yay! Despite my complaints about slow weight loss, I am still really happy about 53lbs being gone. Yes, I thought I’d be closer to 60 or 65 right about now, but I’ll get there when I get there.

This now means I am 15lbs away from making good on my promise of posting my “Before” photo alongside a current photo of my progress. This milestone will mark my approximate halfway point in my weight loss journey.  At that time I will also be discussing my starting weight, current weight, and goal weight numbers.

I’ve blabbed enough for one post, but next time maybe I’ll talk about how I’m having weird ideas about getting into weight lifting and building muscle once I’ve gotten closer to my goal weight. I’m probably just crazy, especially since all I’ve lifted so far is a 10lb kettlebell, (HA!) but I like seeing the muscles in my legs and arms. We shall see.